Welcome to Rubyos - the best place for food lovers to dine in or to celebrate special occasions; located in Newtown, Sydney. Featuring an eclectic grazing menu that is designed to share from the middle of the table - the ultimate Grazing Banquets. Our Menu - ‘Inspired Modern Fusion Cuisines’ - an intercontinental mix of flavors to share in true tapas style! We have been voted as ‘The Most Fusion Restaurant in Newtown’. Established in 2005, Rubyos is known as the Jewel of King Street. With its heritage charm and relaxing contemporary interior Rubyos brings a touch of style to the bustling Newtown.

When people approaches us asking what does ‘Rubyos’ stands for, a simple answer would be the name ‘Rubyos’ originates from the gemstone ‘Ruby’. This high-energy gemstone ‘Ruby’ is a sapphire utilized to open up vitality and increment chi that boosts natural healing. Ruby brings a sense of adventure and portrays leadership and this is what Rubyos is all about! YES, we offer specialized service to complement our innovative menu (Fusion Cuisine). We also have delicious and flavorsome Vegan, Vegetarian and Gluten Free options for our patrons - all the dietary options for everyone to enjoy a meal. Rubyos is the leading restaurant in tapas style fusion feast with its extraordinary food and brilliant service. It is the most versatile place to dine-in!

Now, let us give you a little more insight about Rubyos: our food, ingredients for our dishes and the wellsprings. Good news is that all our dairy products are organic! We source locally grown fruits and vegetables. We use Lemon Myrtles (Backhousia Citriodora is a blooming plant from south-eastern Queensland) to make our most popular gluten free dish ‘Flash Fried Calamari’. Our restaurant’s weekly rundown includes Avocado, Pumpkin, Beetroot, Zucchini, Sweet Potato, Eggplant, Shallots, Basil, Dill, Coriander, Mint, Chive, Tarragon, Watermelon, Green Pea, Cherry tomato, Fire Roast Tomato, Corn Kernel and the list goes on! Everything comes from the local farmer’s market.

For more healthier and nutritious options we include - Extra Virgin Olive oil, Seaweeds (high source of mineral), Poppy seeds, Sunflower Seeds (high in Vitamin), Oyster Mushroom, Edamame, Aquafaba, Quinoa and so on to our ingredient list. At Rubyos cooking is about sourcing fresh local produce and using better options. We buy best quality Black Angus grain fed beef, Free-range poultry and the origin of its own, Aussie Lamb from local producers. Fresh seafood also gets delivered to our door.

You may ponder where the fusion of international flavor comes from? Well, it’s our spices and herbs blend that our chefs deploy to create the base flavor of each dish and give each one a unique test. Rubyos pantry contains spices and herbs from Mediterranean, European, Indian, Asian, South American and North and South African region; a vast and diverse collection of spices. Thus to say, each recipe is an example of extraordinary Culinary Art - using Tuscan oil and Salsa Verde, home made Chili Lime Aioli and Hollandaise Sauce, Minted Green Pea Chimichurri, Potato Fish Cake (Nordic Style), New York style Chat Potato and so on. The final dish that ends up in the table is the intense work done by our brilliant culinary team!

Now, here is the fun part…. our chefs know how to utilize secret ingredients (not so secrete now!) to give their signature dish a one of a kind test. Well, our chefs cook with passion and always introduce new flavors such as Japanese Miso, Asian Hoi sin, Tropical Coconut and Mango, Italian Balsamic, Canadian Maple, European Redcurrant et cetera. However, we will not reveal all secretes though!

While having an incredible meal at Rubyos, you can make the most out of our exclusive collection of spirits, wine, beer and cocktails. For our guests to enjoy local produce we have picked the best wines from the regional vineyards of Australia and New Zealand. Be that as it may, we have exceptional collections in our wine-ark for adventure lovers to taste great European, Spanish, Italian & French wine and Champagne. You can also enjoy popular beer, lager and ciders including beer from Newtown’s local brewery. Finally, a beverage menu is not complete without a great cocktail list! Classic or cosmo, trendy or popular, you can enjoy varieties of cocktails of your choice at Rubyos! To taste new flavor, keep an eye on our seasonal menu and follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

At Rubyos we always experience with new ingredients, ideas and techniques to enhance our dishes so that our guests can enjoy a better meal every time they visit us. We have numerous popular dishes that compel our patrons to make frequent revisit at Rubyos. Our chefs have created some outstanding signature dishes, which will satisfy your taste buds at every level! Here you can also indulge yourself with our decadent desserts, creamy gelatos and fruit sorbets as an after meal treat!

We believe eating at Rubyos ought to be a charming trip from the minute you stroll through the door to the end when you leave Rubyos with a smile on your face. If you love to eat healthy yet tasty and appetizing food than Rubyos is the ultimate place where you can dine in at your own comfort and budget in a relaxed but fun environment.