Try our 8 course gluten free banquet for only $45.0 per person

japanese miso chicken salad: minced chicken san choy bow style, water chestnuts,    ginger, sesame, baby cos leaves tossed in miso dressing, fried shallots

charred eggplant involtini: fire roasted capsicum & zucchini, sun dried tomato and cashew cream, basil oil

smoked salmon & nori seaweed roulade: filled, crab meat, cream cheese, roasted wild seaweed flakes, salsa verde crème fraiche, micro herbs     

flash fried calamari: lemon myrtle and kibbled black pepper, wild rocket leaves, chili lime aioli     

panfried haloumi: watermelon, coriander and mint salsa, chili oil drizzle

curried curried cauliflower arancini: spiced spinach leave gravy, mustard & fenugreek seeds, chili and yellow split peas

black angus grain fed beef rump: smoky dry rub marinated, savoy cabbage, carrot, red    onion slaw, grilled sweet corn kernel, whole grain mustard & tarragon mayonnaise

crushed chats: new york style, fresh herbs, seasoned salt